Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's been a busy month....

I have already taught two days of school this month, where did the summer go?
August has been a busy month, so busy, I have not even had a chance to post. We went to California to visit Jeremy's brother and his wife and darling new baby. We went shopping, to the beach, and out to lots of great restaurants.
We spent some time in San Diego which we found to be lots of fun and very beautiful. We took little Gracie to this park to splash in the fountain.

When I returned home, I had only a few short days until the big surprise party we have been planning for my mom. She will be 60 this month so we wanted her birthday to be extra special. I will say, she WAS surprised! We asked everyone to create a scrapbook page with memories of them with my mom. We had so many we needed two books! She loved it, she cried and cried and couldn't go to bed that night because she just kept looking over the books and going over the night!

Of Course on Monday I turned around and started back at school. What a whirlwind it has been but what a fun month! Crazy thing is.... the month isn't even over yet.
Last Night JP and I bought a new computer and new digital camera. We are excited! Today will be devoted to figuring them out!