Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy birthday to my sweet baby

What a weekend! I thought I would be sad that a whole year passed so quickly with Sidney, but honestly I am not. He is more fun everyday and we understand each other better and continue to have more fun and learn new things together. Yes, it goes fast, but boy was it a fun year!

Friday- a family photo shoot with Darcy from At Play Photography at our home. The idea sounded great until I realized that meant I had to clean the house for that too. Let's just say, we decided to go with "the lived in look" for our shoot. She was a lot of fun and did a great job. Check out her blog here.
Saturday- We had a huge party with about 25 folks to help us celebrate our special little guy.  It turned out perfect and Sidney was great. Jeremy played Happy Birthday on the accordion for Sid (my favorite part) He ate well, let everyone hold him, he played hard, ate a cupcake and opened several presents before passing out for a 3 hour nap!  We are so lucky to have such a wonderful friend Jason, who came up Friday night and helped bake, sew, and clean up for the party! Here you can see the giant cupcake and smaller ones too we made for the party with little pictures of Sidney on them. I used black and white photos to make a large number one sign highlighting events from his first year- like his first boat ride, the Halloween party, and the hospital at Christmas.  It was wonderful to reminisce as I put it together, remembering all the fun we had and how much he has grown and developed. Last we sewed a chalkboard bunting kit I bought from my dear friend Codi at Home Ec Workshop. Everyone needs one of these, they are so darn adorable! 

Sunday- Easter at the Good's house.  We had so much fun finding eggs and enjoying the beautiful weather.  Sidney hates touching grass right now so getting him to pick up eggs was really funny, but when he realized some were filled with Goldfish crackers, he hot more involved. We decided to surprise Christy and celebrate her 40th birthday a bit early with cake, the accordion (of course) and gifts. Her birthday is next Sunday. Sidney had cake and ice cream two days in a row. whew!

Today Sid's 3 little pals came over for lunch and play to celebrate his birthday. Sis is the oldest of the bunch so he was the only one who could eat a treat today.  It's so great that he has so many little friends already.

Sidney is set for summer, he got swim trunks, a summer hat, beach toys, a bike trailer, lots of super cute summer clothes, and a water table. Now could this semester please be over soon. (wait only 3 weeks left!)
Happy First Birthday Sidney Michael Miller-Prouty! We love you!!!