Friday, September 25, 2009

Art Educators of Iowa Conference

UNI is hosting the annual Art Educators of Iowa conference next weekend.  I am presenting at it with a former student teacher. Our presentation is called "Smiling Skulls and Marigolds." Sarah and I worked together to create a presentation about our teaching of the Mexican Holiday  Dia de los Muertos in the elementary art room.  We are then going to do a little workshop making mini-alters with teachers. It should be fun!
Kirsten and Helen are coming from Preucil Preschool (where I was formerly employed) to share the wonderful art making experiences that preschooler can have but often don't get to!  It will be wonderful for all the art teachers to learn about Preucil.
Tim Rollins will be the guest speaker that night. Rollins works with at-risk kids in the Bronx making collaborative art often based on classic literature. The kids named themsleves, "Kids of Survival".  So you may see him referred to as Tim Rollins + K.O.S.  I will get the honor of taking him out to dinner afterward. Jeremy is coming up too so he can share in the dinner and dazzle Rollins with his own at-risk adventures at his alternative school. 
This week will be busy getting ready for everything so if no one hears from me... you will know why. Here is a picture of a Rollins +KOS work I really love!

Animal Farm
Tim Rollins and K.O.S.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Dog's Life...

My sister and I took my mom to Riverside Theater today to see A Dog's Life. It is a musical about a dog adopted from the animal shelter. I admit I was a bit nervous about it being any good, but it was really worth going to see.  The singing was excellent and I really enjoyed the humor throughout it.  The way they depict the events through a dog's view- like getting neutered, being dressed up by their owners, and being tricked into taking pills.  It was a hoot!

Friday night my nephew played football in Mount Vernon and my whole family came to see him play. Afterward, we had a birthday party for my step-dad who turned 63!  Lots of goodies and gifts!  Here is a great picture that Sophie drew of her with Grandpa Mike. It really looks like him!