Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hi from the Mount Vernon Kitties!


The escape!
All snug as a bug in a rug....
ahhhhh, the sweet formula coma is setting in....
Good night everybody ( PS- Wendy told me she's keeping me... wink, wink)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

A surprise on the playground

Five baby kittens were found on our school playground on Wednesday afternoon. Mama kitty left them in a little outdoor kitchenette. Our custodian handed them over to animal control before anyone new what was happening! I couldn't let this happen so I brought them home with me. We have been having tons of funs but not getting tons of sleep. These kittens require food every 4 to 5 hours and lots of help going potty! Tired It is well worth it!
Meet the babies:

Kitten # 1
Kitten #2 gray tiger-striped
Kitten #3 orange striped
#4 black and white -could be calicoKitten #5 looks very similar to #4 (this is often a problem)

I asked my students at school to help me name them by submitting a letter in our school mail. I will post any good letters I receive.
More pictures to come............. xoxoxo Wendy

Friday, March 21, 2008

TIme for FUN!!

I also had a lot of fun over Spring Break! Jeremy and I took his sister to see Horton Hears a Who and to the Pet store (always a favorite of ours). I went with my sister and two nieces to the mall and children's museum and Marissa, who is in first grade, got her ears pieced!! She did great- no tears! ( Just a little green in the face!) We also saw the movie the Kite Runner which was excellent and really kept to the book( by Khaled Hosseini.)It is a must see! (certainly more more than Horton Hears a Who)
We saw the Voom exhibit at the University of Iowa Art Museum. I admit I was not seriously excited to go see this exhibit, it had been highly advertised as a bunch of videos of famous movie stars and seemed a bit silly. I found I really enjoyed how long you were drawn to each screen. It really made me think of how quick we are to shoot pictures with cameras to capture the moment and how the little gestures and moments are so beautiful, taking the idea of still-life a little further. It was really amazing to see the animals on these high definition screeens. The whole center room in the museum that long ago housed the BIG Jackson Pollock and Robert Motherwell now was filled with screens of an owl with polka-dot backgrounds. It was really amazing to see. I also got to see Brad Pitt in his white boxers getting rained on..... Willem Dafoe has a portrait and it is the creepiest one ever!!!!

I also went to see a friend of mine who opened up a great new fabric store/knitting shop in Iowa City. Home Ec workshop is the greatest little place in Iowa City! Classes are offered in sewing and knitting along with kids classes or birthday parties which we witnessed yesterday! How great would it be to be able to bring 8 friends out to sew your own purses! Codi offers cookies and tea and quiche on Saturdays! If you live near by you must check it out! I bought this adorable fabric there yesterday and created this cute little bag last night. I do not sew much and it was a fun first piece for me- thanks to Kirsten for the great advice!!!!

Spring break... where did it go?

I have used every spare moment of my spring break to accomplish as much as possible from my giant TO DO list and still have fun. Now I am finally sitting down to relax a bit before going to my folks for Easter. Jeremy and I completed a list of great home repairs including some biggies like a new kitchen ceiling, cleaning the carpets, and fixing the peep hole into the bathroom ( for those of you have have been to our house- you will be glad to know it is closed up!!!)
Here are a few photos of our hard work in progress....

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Meet Otis!

I went with my mom few weeks ago to help her pick out a new kitten! She fell in love with this cuddly sweetheart... she named Otis. But my mom thought he was lonely and so I brought her a second black kitty from a farm nearby. We are not sure if this new arrangement is working out as planned- Oliver the newest kitty may be having trouble adjusting, so please keep him in your thoughts, he is awfully cute as well! I will post a picture of him later on!

Monday, March 10, 2008

New Jewelry!

During all the snow days we recently had, I found lots of time to make some new jewelry. I am really into this new pendent style with the loop instead of the bunched beaded look I usually make. What do you think? Check out and see lots of other new jewelry!