Thursday, March 13, 2008

Meet Otis!

I went with my mom few weeks ago to help her pick out a new kitten! She fell in love with this cuddly sweetheart... she named Otis. But my mom thought he was lonely and so I brought her a second black kitty from a farm nearby. We are not sure if this new arrangement is working out as planned- Oliver the newest kitty may be having trouble adjusting, so please keep him in your thoughts, he is awfully cute as well! I will post a picture of him later on!


itty bitty kitty committee said...

oh, he is such dream boat. i hope O and O can work it out.

otherwise, you are going to end up with another critter in your petting zoo.

Kalar said...

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KatBoxJanitor said...

what a handsome young feline!

I hope you two can adjust to each other! I am sure there is plenty of space in your person's heart for both of ye!