Tuesday, May 25, 2010


There have been some requests from family and friends to post some particular photos...
Here is the new dining room table we acquired from Craig's list- thanks to my #1 step-dad who scoured Craig's list for weeks to find just the right one!  The flowers are from the Good family for my birthday- they arrived just in time to decorate the new table! Thanks everybody!
                              Here is the sneak preview of our new kitchen.... (still in progress!)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Home renovations have begun....

First the wall paper came down and then the curtains....
Currently I am sewing new curtains with some fabulous fabric from Home Ec
I loved the color so much that I went to Sherwin Williams and matched 2 gallons of paint! Take a good look at the peach and country blue, it is the last you will be seeing of it!  I am so excited to see it go away!
Next update will include paint and new curtains!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

NAEA conference

Here are a few fun photos from my trip to Baltimore!  We went to the National Art Educators conference and I presented for the first time! 
We took some time to sight see and visit some pretty amazing art. My favorite place was the American Visionary Museum in Baltimore. I highly recommend that anyone going to Baltimore- this is a must see!!! I will admit that Rachel and I spent equal time in the museum as we did in the gift shop. 

We took a day and visited Washington DC- we walked so much, it put a day in NYC to shame!
Here are a few shots form our whirlwind tour....
Rachel holds hands with her favorite sculpture at the Hirshhorn Museum
I find my favorite sculpture in the National Gallery Sculpture Garden
Rachel insists we all see The White House even though it means we might miss our train-  we do miss it by the way but here I am in front of The White House!
Rachel and Rachael decide to become a piece of art- too much coffee that day perhaps!?

Next year NAEA is in Seattle!!!! woo hoo!!!

The End of the semester!

 Well the end of the semester arrived and I survived! 
I took my UNI students on a field trip to U of Iowa.  We went to the special collections and saw some fabulous artist books and some zines!  It was great! 
We met up with the art educators from U of I that we blogged with all semester!  It was great to put a face with a blog finally! 
Here we are in front of the zine machine at the Main Library on campus!