Friday, January 29, 2010

looking for FUN...

Well if you live around my area,  check out Riverside Theatre's new production called "End Dayz".  Jeremy's drama class was invited to the dress rehearsal last night and I tagged along. It was fantastic! Imagine, an Elvis impersonator, Steven Hawking in a motorized wheel chair with his computer voice, Jesus as a main character along with an unhappy goth girl, and a crazy evangelist mom all on one stage!  Plus- a really great story to tie all these characters together.  (Well worth your time.)
Added bonus:
Mama's Deli brownies are sold there as well and they are out of this world! 

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Busy weekend...

I took down the art show that I never even had a chance to advertise- sorry if you didn't get a chance to see it!  Jeremy and I are cleaning the house and de-cluttering as the folks on the HG TV say. We are going to put our sweet little house on the market this year... More news on that later!

We babysat Anna this weekend who seems to currently be obsessed with the Chipmunks.  Here are a few shot of how we helped her live out her fantasy of going to a Chipmunk concert.

Today I went to see the Lion King in Des Moines with my mom and sisters.  What a treat! Today was the last day it is showing in Des Moines but next it will be in Madison if you are interested.
Now it is back to the grind of school and work! Due to MLK day on Monday and bad weather on Wednesday, I have not started my classes at the University of Iowa yet. I am looking forward to a semester full of learning how to research. I am enrolled in Intro to Educational Research and Research in the Arts and Humanities.

Art Show

The graduate students in art education at The University of Iowa held an art exhibit this week to start off the new 2010 spring semester.  Here are some photos of our work at the Eve Drewlowe Gallery.

My Work

My newest pieces

Rachael's work

Buffy's work

Codi's work
Dan's work

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

I spent my New  Year's Eve with six very entertaining men!  We ate, drank, sang karaoke, played air hockey, and even invaded the local bars in Mount Vernon.  Wooh- to all the ladies that left early, or stayed home, you missed out an entertaining evening!

My New Year's resolution is to spend more time with such highly entertaining people!!!!

Family Time in Wisconsin

We spent Christmas in Wisconsin up at my parents lake house.  Here are a few great sledding shots!  After a wonderful evening of appetizers, gifts, and games,  we all went to the Great Wolfe Lodge for some serious water slide action.  Out of respect for everyone's pasty white bodies, I left my camera in the hotel room, so no water park photos.   We had an excellent time but we were pretty sore from sledding then climbing all the water park stairs.  Jeremy and I had a great time!

sledding time!
Everyone was very impressed by Jeremy's skill ( or attempt to be skilled at) snowboard-sledding!  He was more successful as a part of the sled train!  It was a little cold but it was  perfect hill for sledding!