Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lamaze class

We have one more Lamaze class to go and alittle over 6 weeks before the baby is due!
We have been learning so much in class about birth positions, pain interventions, and how to time our contractions.  Interesting folks at Lamaze class too!  This week, Jeremy and I wrote out our birth plan and now we are getting our suitcase packed.

The car seat arrived and I think we settled on a daycare provider!  I guess you could say we are getting close to being ready for baby to join us. I will have no problem though filling my next 6 weeks with lots of school work, art projects, and final preparations for baby.  I also plan to get in a few naps as well!
Here is Jeremy wearing the empathy belly at Lamaze class. It even had a bag that fit into the belly area that applies just the right pressure to the bladder so he can feel what I am feeling- the constant feeling that I have to PEE!

 Oh Baby!!!