Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

We spent the weekend outside as much as possible.  What fabulous weather for gardening, playing in water table and taking lots of walks and bike rides. Sid wasn't able to help us plant the garden but was a great sport, playing with toys in the yard while we worked. He is still not happy touching the grass, but each time seems to be a little bit easier. We bought a bird feeder for the front picture window to please Sidney but even more so for Roosevelt and Mabel to enjoy the action. 
Sidney is closer to walking, this weekend, he took several steps and stood on his own for small amounts of time.  It's so exciting to watch him grow into a real toddler!  He seems to have a real hollow leg! I know he must be preparing for a big growth spurt.  Today for breakfast he ate two small pancakes, some raisins, a veggie sausage link, a little yogurt cup, and some cereal puffs with a cup of whole milk.  He can really pack it in!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

A challenging few weeks

I can't say that this was a great semester, with all the politics at UNI. Some of my friends have lost their positions and others are moving on to greener pastures or worse being forced to switch to unwanted positions within the university. My graduate program in art education has been suspended indefinitely... not sure what that even means?
My colleague in art education told me last Monday he took another position in the public schools and now I am not sure who I will be working with. I am very sad to see him go, I felt we really complemented each others teaching styles and worked together well. Who knows what will come of this on such short notice.
I got news of tragic accident that led me to attending a funeral of a much loved little two year-old girl that was unfairly taken from this earth a few weeks ago.  A day has not gone on that I have not thought about the family of that little one.  The minister at the funeral was wonderful in reminding everyone to cherish your loved ones and to try to let the everyday irritations go. I have tried to really not let the little things get to me when I home with my little Sid. Today, as he smeared his peas across his shirt, I laughed with him and thought of little m. 
I got another year older last Monday too.  I feel a lot older as well, but that could be just lack of sleep- HA! I had to give a final on my birthday but then I was able to go out for Mexican with my two favorite boys in the world. Thanks to my hubby for making my evening so sweet! My gift was an iPhone- which is the best gift I could have EVER received!!!!!

This Friday I will hope for good things to come. I defend my comprehensive exam in front of my committee.  If it goes well, I will officially be a doctoral candidate and I can begin working on my dissertation. 
School is out for me and just a few short weeks away for Jeremy. Sidney will finish daycare for the summer at the end of May and we will get to enjoy a little down time. I am excited to be teaching little kids again this summer. I signed on to work with a music methods professor who runs a week long music camp.  I am teaching an art class each day with the help of one of my favorite former students, all about dogs!  What is the musical the children will perform at the end of the week, you may ask?     101 Dalmatians!  

Here's a sweet photo of Sidney to end my blog post. He is rocking his baby in his rocking chair. This is a special baby doll named Peanut. It was the doll I played with at my Grandma Lamm's house every time I visited her.  Sid seems to really love holding this doll just like I did :).