Saturday, July 19, 2008

my new Mac

I got a new MacBook this summer to start my new job.  I have really been enjoying playing with the photo booth and iphoto editing features. Here are a few fun ones!!!

Great Garden goodness!

summer fun!

We got an old air hockey table for the summer and have put it to good use!  Everyone wants to come over and play.  We have had several drunken double tournaments.

Jeremy's sister Anna became quite skilled in the game as long as she remembered to keep her other hand off the table!
Mabel and Roosevelt love the air hockey table as well!  It  can be difficult to get through a game without a kitten landing on the table.

We have spent a lot of time with Anna.  Here is her first trip to the Iowa City public library.  We had a great time. Afterwards it was off to pizza at the Airliner and then last a splashfest at the fountain in the Ped Mall.  She loved it!

Happy Summer!!!!!