Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break??

Where did it go?
I know- I was writing a 50 page paper on civic engagement with pre-service teachers in art education!
But we had some good times that week too!
Jeremy, Sid, and I spent as much time as possible outside because Sidney LOVES to drive his new car!

We went hiking around the Hartman Reserve Nature Center and took many walks around the neighborhood. We are ready to do some biking but need a baby trailer for our bike. I think it's time to ask Grandpa Mike the King of EBAY and Craigslist to help us out!
Here we are hiking:

Sidney loves to be outside but has suddenly become afraid of touching the prickly grass.  It was nice though when we had a little picnic, he stayed right on the blanket, as if crocodiles were circling our spot. We met Grandpa Tracy and Aunt Anna at the Children's Museum in Iowa City. Sid had a great time playing on everything, we even made a picture together in the art room!

I turned in my comprehensive exam on Sunday and now we are planning a real break. Jeremy and I are off to Portland on Thursday to attend the fabulous wedding of Stephanie and Kyle at Voodoo Donuts!
Sidney has opted to go stay with Grandma Sue and Grandpa Mike over a long plane ride. We will miss him but know how much easier this quick trip will be without him and the tons of stuff babies need when traveling!
So look out Portland- here we come!