Friday, March 26, 2010

moving makes me feel like a zombie avatar....

So all I have done this week is pack!  We are moving into our new house tomorrow- yippee!  Thank you to everyone that is coming to help us move! 
Here are a few great shots from the claymation movie we are working on with some k-4 grade kids in art club.  It features some avatars that are eaten by zombies who are then creamed by a metior all in under two minutes! 
Movie premiere: Tuesday at 3:30 at Price Lab Elementary with snacks and drinks

Monday, March 15, 2010

Fun times in Mount Vernon

Jeremy and I are sitting here thinking about all the good times we had in our first home together. Here are some highlights of the 51/2 years in this sweet little house.

The kitties...... fostering 5 babies kittens that were found the play ground at the elemenatary school I was teaching at in Cedar Rapids.

Our great visits with Sophie and Marissa.Here we are at Palisades State Park enjoying the wildlife along the bank.
Sharing our gardening interests with Anna.  Enjoying Violet's golden years in the back yard.

Having lots of get togethers for yard games, karaoke, chili cook-offs, and baby showers with chocolate fountains!!
 Making lots of jewelry and other artsy projects while Jeremy cooked great meals from our great garden.

Enjoying the unique qualities of downtown Mount Vernon through Community Theater, Chalk the Walk, and the local establishments.

We'll miss you.  J&W

Monday, March 08, 2010


I guess I never thought our house would sell in 5 days or I may have waited to put it on the market until school was out for us. BUT... I didn't know this would happen so here we are moving to Cedar Falls/Waterloo area in less than a month! Holy cow, I can't believe it! We are very busy these days looking at houses, and trying to figure out how NOT to be homeless for a while!  Anyways- here is a house we are trying to buy. I will keep you all posted on what we end up with!  I guess things are not going to be slowing down any time soon. Spring break is next week and we will be packing!