Monday, August 29, 2011

Farmer's Market

Sometimes I just love our neighborhood!  We walked to Cabin Coffee for a sweet and coffee before heading over to the Saturday farmer's market. We bought yellow carrots, purple peppers, and a beautiful golden zucchini.  We added fresh beans, tomatoes, and broccoli from our garden. It was the most colorful stir-fry we'd had in a while.  On our way home, our next door neighbors were holding a garage sale. They gave Sidney a little fire truck to ride on that makes little siren noises.

Back to School

     It has been a busy few weeks with Jeremy and I going back to school and Sidney starting to spend time at the childcare center 3 days a week.  We are all adjusting well overall but needing a bit more sleep.  Sidney sleeps so well at night usually 7:30pm- 5:30 am and does not nap much in the day. He averages 2-3 small naps. The childcare center called CUCCC is so busy with babies and staff that Sid has been napping even less in the day. He comes home wiped out but happy. He is now needing a nap when he gets home. This makes me sad because I have missed him and want to spend time with him when I get home. Each day seems to get a little better so I am hoping he will fall into routine and nap a little better so we can have some fun time together when we get home!

    Jeremy started a new job this year at Hoover as the ELP ( extended learning program) teacher for 6th-8th grade. He loves his kids because they are excited about reading like he is and they are fun and quirky (like he is!).  He is planning some great units on comic books, secret codes, and personal memoirs.  I am so glad he made the switch from language arts.  He will start the Talented and Gifted endorsement program this month to work on his certification required for the job.

    I am loving my new classes this semester as well. My groups are small and seem like very motivated students. Although I did not begin this week as organized as I usually am, I think things are going to go well.  I am not taking classes at the University of Iowa this semester BUT will take my last class next semester and take my written comprehensive exams as well.  I needed this semester to get back into the swing of things and get the baby adjusted. I am going to start teaching art club after school on Wednesdays at the Juvenile Home in Toledo with my dear friend and adviser Rachel.  In order to do this we hired former students of Jeremy's that live on our block (identical twin sisters) to watch Sid for 2 hours on Wednesday.  We "practiced" last night by having them come over and we went to the movies.  I think it is going to work out fine!

    Here are some cute pictures of us  hanging out in the backyard this weekend. The weather was perfect and Sidney loves being outside. Happy back to school everybody!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Grandmas are Grrreat!!

Sidney has been blessed with such a great family but this month the Grandmas in his life "take the cake!"
Grandma Vicky came to visit from California and had a great time with Sidney (mom and dad did too).
We went on a picnic to George Wyth State Park, did a little downtown shopping and ate at our new Thai restaurant in Waterloo- yum yum!  We even got Grandma Vicky to Sing Karaoke with us!

Grandma Sue had a birthday recently and we went to visit her upon dropping Grandma Vicky off at the airport. This was a two Grandma day for Sidney.  He loved it so much but slept most of the next day from all that Grandma love! whew- it tucked the little fellow out. Grandma Sue took us all to the park and out for ice cream ( sorry Sid- none for you!) Sid wore his new onesie that says "I've got a birthday hug for Grandma" on it!

Grandma Sally sent Sidney a huge bag of colored wooden blocks that he has been enjoying knocking  them over faster than mommy can stack them up for him!  What a great find Grandma Sal!
Now we were just informed that Grandma Fern and Grandpa Ed are coming for Thanksgiving. Just in time to see Sidney sit in the high chair they bought him for Christmas.  What a fun Thanksgiving this will be! 
Thank Goodness for Grandmas!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Sidney gets to know Wisconsin and all its greatness!

It is important to introduce every person to Wisconsin. First, to it's fine New Glarus beer and second to their cheese curds.  As you can see, Sidney has developed a taste for both.

 Next it seemed clear that a dip in the beautiful, clear dutch Hollow Lake was an essential part of Sidney's experience.  He seemed very interested in it the first day, but the second day he fell asleep in the lake. I guess the thrill didn't last.
Last, a trip to Wisconsin is not complete without the over stimulation of hundreds of cousins around to keep one entertained the entire time.  All of the cousins were so happy to see Sid.  Mitchell tried scooping him up out of his bouncy seat.  Elaina made up a song to encourage him to roll over ("roll, baby, roll" times infinity.)  Sidney did roll over twice this weekend, once for Grandma Sue and once for Grandpa Mike.  Sadly, Jeremy was in another room for each and has yet to see him repeat the feat.
Other highlights included: Riding on Marvin the Mule and going down to the dock to watch everyone fish.  He was too small for swim diapers and life jackets, so the pool and a ride on the pontoon boat will have to wait for next summer.  He also can't eat solid food, so s'mores are also on next year's agenda!