Tuesday, February 09, 2010


We are thinking of moving to Cedar Falls where The University of Northern Iowa is located- where my job is located.  It seems to be getting harder to commute all the time for both of us. The winter weather is not helping. We are very interested in a house in Cedar Falls and we are going to look at it this week again.  Because of this, we are very busy cleaning and giving our sweet little house a fresh coat of paint. Looking at all my possessions, and my many collections, Here are some highlights of my favorite collections that many of you have helped me build. 

Artsy fun!

I am enjoying teaching my art ed students this semester more than ever because I have been able to really incorporate my artistic interests into learning about contemporary art and lesson planning!  Here are a few shot from journal making and Artist Trading Cards about identity.

Next projects are: alter-ego paper dolls and then zines about Arts Advocacy!!!