Thursday, September 30, 2010

Breaking in the new house!

We are really enjoying our new house- especially the basement.  Last month we had a make your pizza party with Chef Jeremy and in October we are hosting our first soup exchange!  ( I am craving soup like crazy...)
Here are a few shots from pizza night!

Elizabeth squeezes Jeremy's dough...

Tara and Sarah test out our pool table... don't they look like real sharks

Jeremy and Steve playing so furiously that I think I see the puck smokin'

Come on over and join us anytime! 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

April Fools Baby

I am sure everyone knows from family, myself, or facebook that we are expecting a baby on April 1st!! This would be an interesting April fools day prank, but it's true.  Here are some pictues the little one at 11 weeks!  We are so excited!!!!!

We are also getting very excited about picking out a good color to paint the baby's room and what  baby names to put on our list!  If you have any ideas, send them my way.  I will use this blog to send some updates as I progress along. I am now 14 weeks and feeling fantastic!  I go in for my 20 week ultrasound on Friday the 5th of November! 
Love to everyone!!! xoxoxo

Friday, September 03, 2010


This spring I started up our compost in Waterloo. There was already a great spot started from the previous owner so it was a snap.  I moved some of the black dirt to our flower beds in June and everything took off. In July I noticed some funny things were growing around our bird feeder and to let them be see what I got.  I found several sunflowers that the squirrels promptly ran off with when they got big and beautiful and rich with seeds. I also noticed some cantaloupe growing.  I think it is about time to finally pick our cantaloupe.  It is starting to take over our yard!!!

We also lost a tree in our front yard during a vicious storm in early July.  Last weekend, Jeremy and I picked out two trees to put in the front yard. They will be delivered today. One is an Autumn Blaze Maple. It will turn the brightest red. The second tree we decided upon was a Honey Crisp Apple tree. It won't have apples for about 5 years but that's ok- I figure I might be done with my PhD that year and have time to pick it then!!!