Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Sidney gets to know Wisconsin and all its greatness!

It is important to introduce every person to Wisconsin. First, to it's fine New Glarus beer and second to their cheese curds.  As you can see, Sidney has developed a taste for both.

 Next it seemed clear that a dip in the beautiful, clear dutch Hollow Lake was an essential part of Sidney's experience.  He seemed very interested in it the first day, but the second day he fell asleep in the lake. I guess the thrill didn't last.
Last, a trip to Wisconsin is not complete without the over stimulation of hundreds of cousins around to keep one entertained the entire time.  All of the cousins were so happy to see Sid.  Mitchell tried scooping him up out of his bouncy seat.  Elaina made up a song to encourage him to roll over ("roll, baby, roll" times infinity.)  Sidney did roll over twice this weekend, once for Grandma Sue and once for Grandpa Mike.  Sadly, Jeremy was in another room for each and has yet to see him repeat the feat.
Other highlights included: Riding on Marvin the Mule and going down to the dock to watch everyone fish.  He was too small for swim diapers and life jackets, so the pool and a ride on the pontoon boat will have to wait for next summer.  He also can't eat solid food, so s'mores are also on next year's agenda!


Sonja said...

Super cute! And is Mitchell giving Sidney his first photo bunny ears? I guess he didn't want him to feel left out. The kids love baby Sindy. :)

Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful fun weekend with the family and ofcourse Sidney was adorable and so good.
Love Grandma