Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

We spent the weekend outside as much as possible.  What fabulous weather for gardening, playing in water table and taking lots of walks and bike rides. Sid wasn't able to help us plant the garden but was a great sport, playing with toys in the yard while we worked. He is still not happy touching the grass, but each time seems to be a little bit easier. We bought a bird feeder for the front picture window to please Sidney but even more so for Roosevelt and Mabel to enjoy the action. 
Sidney is closer to walking, this weekend, he took several steps and stood on his own for small amounts of time.  It's so exciting to watch him grow into a real toddler!  He seems to have a real hollow leg! I know he must be preparing for a big growth spurt.  Today for breakfast he ate two small pancakes, some raisins, a veggie sausage link, a little yogurt cup, and some cereal puffs with a cup of whole milk.  He can really pack it in!

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