Tuesday, May 18, 2010

NAEA conference

Here are a few fun photos from my trip to Baltimore!  We went to the National Art Educators conference and I presented for the first time! 
We took some time to sight see and visit some pretty amazing art. My favorite place was the American Visionary Museum in Baltimore. I highly recommend that anyone going to Baltimore- this is a must see!!! I will admit that Rachel and I spent equal time in the museum as we did in the gift shop. 

We took a day and visited Washington DC- we walked so much, it put a day in NYC to shame!
Here are a few shots form our whirlwind tour....
Rachel holds hands with her favorite sculpture at the Hirshhorn Museum
I find my favorite sculpture in the National Gallery Sculpture Garden
Rachel insists we all see The White House even though it means we might miss our train-  we do miss it by the way but here I am in front of The White House!
Rachel and Rachael decide to become a piece of art- too much coffee that day perhaps!?

Next year NAEA is in Seattle!!!! woo hoo!!!

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