Saturday, March 29, 2008

A surprise on the playground

Five baby kittens were found on our school playground on Wednesday afternoon. Mama kitty left them in a little outdoor kitchenette. Our custodian handed them over to animal control before anyone new what was happening! I couldn't let this happen so I brought them home with me. We have been having tons of funs but not getting tons of sleep. These kittens require food every 4 to 5 hours and lots of help going potty! Tired It is well worth it!
Meet the babies:

Kitten # 1
Kitten #2 gray tiger-striped
Kitten #3 orange striped
#4 black and white -could be calicoKitten #5 looks very similar to #4 (this is often a problem)

I asked my students at school to help me name them by submitting a letter in our school mail. I will post any good letters I receive.
More pictures to come............. xoxoxo Wendy


Kirsten W. said...

I love the idea to have the kids name them! They are even cuter in person! :) :) :)

Anne Boleyn said...

I recommend using a marker pen to put a colored X on the head of one of the identical ones. I had four identical newborns and marked them with four colors that corresponded to a chart where I recorded who had been fed (and how much) and pee and poop've gotta love the warm wet cotton ball to stimulate that!

Wendy said...

thanks Anne- we had joked about a sharpie marker for the two of them... but now I think I maybe I can really do it!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, what happened to the mommy? maybe she went to hunt and left her little ones for a while. I remember this female cat, she left her babies to hunt for food, when she came back, she went nuts looking for her little ones. She crossed the street looking for them and a car hit her and killed her. It was totally hearbreaking.