Thursday, February 15, 2007


Ok- I am a day late, but I really want to share all the crafty things I made for Valentines day!
Here is my Valentine gift to my hubbie, Jeremy. I made wind-up toys that look like us. I put an accordion in his hands, and paint and a brush in mine. the BEST part is- they really wind up and work!

These pictures are of Sophie and Marissa (my nieces). I made them papier mache puppets for Valentines Day. I made Marissa "sleeping Beauty in the burgundy gown and Sophie received Cinderella in the blue velvet. We had soooo much fun playing with them!


Kelli said...

Amazing work! Your family must really love birthdays and holidays around your house. Unforgettable gifts!

Kirsten said...

These are SO great Wendy!