Sunday, January 27, 2008

New things for the New year...

I received this great book on how to create cute felt crafts from my sister for Christmas. I finally had a chance to open it up and try one. Here is my sweet little alien. I am hooked!!!

My nieces loved it so much that I took them to Micheal's and let them each pick out some felt so I could make them each one as well. Sophie ( who is 3) has decided she would like a purple and pink polka dotted cat. Marissa ( who is 7) would like a pink and blue peacock or pink and white panda (whichever I think is easier.... I now have my work cut out for me.

I stumbled onto a great frame sale this weekend and got several great new frames to hold my favorite pictures of Mexico!

To go with my new houndstooth coat, Kirsten and I went shopping for a purse. I was able to find a great kelly green bag in little old Mount Vernon. We have this great little gift shop called the Silver Spider. I searched all weekend for some yarn to match my bag. I am dying to knit a hat and scarf for my new coat. My search did not pan out, so I will continue on through the week!

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itty bitty kitty committee said...

great green bean bag !