Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stranded in Mount Vernon!

Jeremy and I are so lucky we have not had any real flooding- just more water in our basement!  We were stuck in Mount Vernon all weekend though because all the major roads were closed around us.  Highway 1 that takes you from Mount Vernon to Iowa City literally broke this week.  We finally ventured out on Sunday night to see the damage and maybe catch a movie!

Since Cedar Rapids is on a water shortage- there were some surprises when we went to the movies!

I have been volunteering at the shelter in Cedar Rapids and it tears you up to see so many people even with out a tooth brush or a pair of shoes.  It was really great though to see all the people helping and donating supplies.  There were equal amounts of flood victims at the supply center as there were volunteers! Target brought 3 semi loads of supplies there. It was really
 overwhelming to see the community pull together.

In all this mess, we helped some people move out of their houses and ended up with YES another CAT!  We are just taking care of her while my professor's house is flooded.
Meet Pork Chop....
You may be thinking now... how many animals is that?  The answer is 5!  Everyone seems to be tolerating each other fine. Roosevelt and Pork Chop do the majority of growling and Dottie and Mabel do the jumping and playful teasing.  Violet just watches everyone and sniffs at whoever new walks by.  

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