Sunday, June 21, 2009

what have I been up to for the last few months??

Here are a few snap shots from May and June... to tide you over as I sort through a year of events! Thank God for iPhoto!

Chalk the Walk.....
Kirsten and I created a chalk piece about the upcoming Mount Vernon Community Theater musical " A Funny Thing happened on the Way to the Forum".
Sophie came to help us!

Jason and I took a quick trip to NYC to celebrate our birthdays and the fact that I made it through this crazy year! We had way too much fun there.

We went to California to visit Jeremy's family, here is a sweet picture of our darling niece and nephew.

Joy ( my sister-in-law) is a photographer in California did a fabulous photo shoot of us.

Here is her link to see more of her fabulous photos! I will post more later on this week.

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Kirsten W. said...

I looked at her blog and saw more of your photos - they brought a tear to my eye. So beautiful!!