Friday, August 14, 2009


I survived a six-week intensive bookbinding class this summer! I actually really loved it and I am proud of the books I made, it was just quite time consuming.
We made pamphlet stitch books, chain stitch hard cover pamphlets, long stitch, link stitch, accordion books, and finally we cased in books - like real books are! It was very exciting! I am begging Jeremy to build me a book cradle for Christmas and he seems up for the challenge. Some lucky person is receiving a book their birthday today. Who could it be?

Pamphlet books

accordion book
Top to bottom: Chain stitch on hard cover pamphlets, link stitches, and bottom two are long stitches. I learned to back my own cloth too.
Last but not least, case binding! Thanks to Home Ec for the great Fabric and RSVP for the great paper.


Tara said...

Those are beautiful Wendy!

Anonymous said...

It's me. I'm the lucky one to receive the top red chain stich hard cover one. On the front it says"The Lake House Guest Book" so everyone that visits us at the lake can leave a message. Thanks Wendy and all my family that joined me in the birthday celebration. It was a wonderful party. Love Mom

Wendy said...

Actually mom got the middle one- it was one of the link stitch books! But that's ok!