Sunday, October 17, 2010

More house updates!

With fall finally here, we are working hard to get a few more home improvement projects in before it is too cold and I am too pregnant! 
Here is a picture of the new trees we planted to replace the one that fell in our yard this summer. One is an Autumn Blaze Maple tree and the other is a Honey Crisp apple tree- yum yum!!!( it is the small tree in front of the blue truck!)
 Next we tackled the chimney ( or really we hired someone to tackle the loose bricks at the top of our chimney).  The storms this summer loosened a few more and we decided we better not wait to see what the winter would add to this! 
Last, it was time to start tearing down the garden.  We are still getting lots of peppers and broccoli and a few beans but will be too cold soon for any of those!  Here is my last harvest of the season!
Now I think it is time to carve pumpkins!!!!  I need to investigate where the best pumpkin patch is in Cedar Falls/ Waterloo!!!

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