Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We have been having a wonderful time celebrating Christmas all week!  Jeremy's parents and sister came over this weekend for dinner and lots of Wii playng.  They gave Jeremy Wii Karaoke for his birthday and the Wii FIt Plus for Christmas.  We went to see the grandmas on Sunday together and had a wonderful visit with Grandma Beth in Iowa Falls.
Spent Monday at the movies and the mall with Jason- my dearest friend from my days at Prairie!  We saw Black Swan- which I recommend, but I will say it is a nail biter.... then off to mall for a few last minute things!
Steph and Kyle arrived on Monday night from Portland we were able to spend the day with them on Wednesday.  After seeing "Tron" the movie and getting great Indian food, we exchanged gifts and played cards.  A perfect evening! To top it off- Steph's mom made us this fabulous blanket- perfect for winter and our upcoming arrival! 

We are preparing for our family bowling game on the 26th! Jeremy and I stayed up late on Tuesday making 25 trophies for everyone in the family!  I am now off to look up soup recipes and make a few more last minute gifts!
Merry Christmas to you all!

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Sonja said...

Love the blanket! And OMG all of the kids will be so excited for trophies!!! Mitchell and Elaina will be in heaven. Can't wait to see you!