Wednesday, March 02, 2011

It's party time!

It seems like everyone has had the same idea this month! Let's get through winder by throwing a party...
We went to Cupid's Red Hot lovin' Chili Party at our friends Sarah and Zak's house in Cedar Falls over Valentine's Day (who I am delighted to say are having a baby in August!!!!)  Good Chili and great entertainment, too bad I was unable to sample the home brew.
The next weekend we attended a really Good 80's party at my sister's house.  We played 80's trivia (which I can proudly say my husband knew all but like 3 questions, I always say he is the king of useless knowledge).   We won great prizes and sang a few 80's songs!  Here is a picture of the costume winners:  Jeremy got 2nd place- I believe...

 Christy and Chad
Spring Break Karaoke Fest- Our house March 12th 7pm.... be there!

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