Thursday, December 15, 2011


Today I am going to 3 meetings and then finally submitting my grades- that's it I'm done!  I will frantically prepare for next semester as it will my busiest in a while. I was accepted to take part in the Obermann Institute for Public Engagement at The University of Iowa. It's a week long workshop for selected graduate students to work to embed public engagement into their academic areas of study. I am super excited because this is right up my alley! Unfortunately it takes place the same week we start school at UNI. My department head will be covering for me and I feel so lucky to have such great administration in my department.
This semester, I am also taking my LAST class at the University of Iowa and I will taking my written comprehensive exams in February-March (date to be determined). YIKES! Luckily, my wonderful mom is coming to help out during some of this craziness! I may actually complete my PhD in the near future.
It's so hard to believe because I have been working on it for so long and so much has happened since I began this process.
Tomorrow begins the holiday preparations and I could not be more ready for some crafting and baking.
Here is a sneak preview of the Christmas card I hope to complete (before Christmas)
Happy Finals Week!


orange gearle said...

What a cutie!

Kirsten W. said...

Happy End of the Semester! That picture (and Sidney!) is adorable!