Monday, February 27, 2012


We have had some exciting FIRST moments at our house.
Sid's FIRST tooth came in on Feb 15th, and I have been trying to get a picture of it for days...
I bet I took more than 70 pictures, trying to capture that tiny, white, bottom tooth so here is my best attempt!

We can see his top two coming right in... so lots of teething toys have been explored but none so far are satisfying our feisty little teether.  Here is a photo of his favorite teething toy.
Yes, wooden blocks are the only thing that tames the teething battle.  Someone mentioned licorice root sticks so Grandma Sal brought some up yesterday for us to try. We'll see if that helps.

Next FIRST blood!
Yes- see what happens when you leave the baby home with Dad! Just kidding, Sidney is learning to walk and in the process, he is attempting some daring moves. On Saturday, he dared a little too far and hit his head on the window ledge. I will skip the details but let's just say mom and dad did not handle it as well as we could have. No stitches were needed so all is well. 
Last-  I start the FIRST day of writing my comprehensive exams today. I have 3 weeks to complete a large paper based on a comprehensive question my adviser gave me. Sid will spend some time with Grandma Sue and Grandma Mike to help me out and my dear Jeremy, I am sure, regrets becoming an English teacher, because I will be calling on him a great deal. I will finish by the end of spring break and then defend my paper some time after that. If I pass, I will move on to starting my dissertation.  Where does the time go?  I can't believe I am taking my last ever graduate class and entering my last year of work towards my PhD. Woo hoo!

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