Sunday, May 06, 2007

Chalk the Walk

Rain or Shine..... we are chalkin' the walk!!
well, almost. The weather for the Chalk the Walk street festival in the little town of Mount Vernon, where I live, was windy but beautiful yesterday, but today the rain could not stay away. Kirsten and I were almost finished with our parody of Van Gogh's bedroom, which we jokingly called "Van Gogh's girlfriend's bedroom," when the rain began to pour. It was sad but beautiful to see the stream of colored chalk run down the street this afternoon. It was a wonderful weekend, full of good art, family, and friends!
My niece Marissa (who is very artistic) helped us for a while today!

Here's the best of Show: a portrait of this young man's niece.

Here is the large community collaborative piece: Seurat's Sunday Afternoon in the Park or "La Grande Jatte". Sadly, it was not comlpleted before the rain began to wash it away....
More Pictures to come!!!!

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orange gearle said...

You forgot to mention that you were on the news. ;-)