Sunday, May 13, 2007

Shades of Brown....

Three shades of Brown paper were given to me to create a work of art. Why, you may ask? In order to pass National Board Certification ( to be certified as a teacher in all 50 states) I must pass a portfolio of work and a long exam testing my knowledge of art and art history. This lovely brown paper assignment is part of the test.
In less than 35 minutes create a work of art using all three shades of 9x12 brown paper. Use only a glue stick and scissors to create the work. Nothing else. So..... here it is!!!Happy Mother's Day! Here is my array of mother's day cards I created for all the moms in my family. I will be hanging out with my mom next weekend in the Amana Colonies for a yummy breakfast and shopping!
I was inspired by Kirsten's cute button flowers she made at my house last art night!


orange gearle said...

I think everyone should have a blue door in their house. This photograph with the blue door in the background makes me think about where I'm going to put a blue door in my house.

:-) d.

Kirsten W. said...

Nice work with the brown shades of paper - it looks awesome!