Friday, April 04, 2008

Rescued Animals

I took our kitties to school today for many of the children to see. We had a great day, but boy were those kittens tuckered out after all that attention! Everyone was was glad to see they were doing so well after being rescued from the cold playground.
It got me thinking of these dogs that were rescued from a farm outside of Solon, IA which is near my home. There were 58 neglected dogs on a farm that were taken into our Iowa City shelter which is an amazing shelter if you have never been on their page, you should check it out.
Anyways, the dogs that were able to be adopted seemed to being doing great. One of the new owners created this web page to share updates and chat with others who adopted these needy pups. The stories are beautiful and heart-wrenching as well.

Oh by the way- we received over 150 letters from students to help name the kitties. I will post a bunch this weekend but for now I will leave you with one quote from a third grader named Max.... "name one 'Civil' to be thankful we won the war."

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Anonymous said...

I like Civil, because of all the thought that went into picking the name. I also like snowflake and Lovebug. My suggestion is Anchovy.