Monday, April 14, 2008

Who's your favorite?

We have had lots of visitors over to meet our kitties. Everyone seems to be picking their favorite kitty or kitties!
It's love!
Anna Jo


Kirsten W. said...

They're growing so fast! I think that their markings are more noticeable now that they are bigger. Hope the potty training is going ok! I wonder how Jeremy managed without you over the weekend!

Laurie Cinotto said...

OH my gosh ! They are getting so big. I too was wondering how Jeremy handled all the babies with you gone.

I think the kitties are all equally fabulous.

: )

Wendy said...

All the kitties are now litter trained !!!!!!!
Jeremy did a great job while I was gone! I was so impressed that I decided to keep him around a while longer!

kleinwort said...

How can you possibly choose a favorite! OMG! Cuteness is overwhelming! Cudos to Jeremy for his excellent work as foster dad!

Anonymous said...

i'm all over roosevelt, like white on rice :-)