Sunday, August 10, 2008

Martini anyone???

I met up with my sister, my mom, and and my three aunts this week for lunch at Graze, a fairly new restaurant in our area. It had a fabulous assortment of martinis to choose from. We all just had to try one! Surprisingly, the one I picked came out bubbling and smoking..... you can see it above. It is called the Valentini and I highly recommend trying it!

A little toast to my mom's birthday and that we were all able to get together!
Summer is ending quickly for me and my new job and graduate school will soon be starting. It has been such a nice relaxing summer, I am thankful I have gotten to spend so much of it with my family and friends! The kittens had their little operations this week. They are doing OK. Mabel has a little cough from the anaesthesia and is taking antibiotics.

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Laurie Cinotto said...

look at all the lushy lamms !