Friday, August 15, 2008

Mom's Birthday!

Today is my mom's Birthday! Happy Birthday MOM! Here are some photos of the gifts I made her. I love making things for my mom. She has so many interests and loves all things handmade!
Below is a set of cards I made her of photos of the Lake house. After that is a needle wallet that I made her from great fabric from Home Ec Workshop. Kirsten was so kind to help me figure out how to make it. We had so much fun making one for my mom, we made one each for ourselves! My mom is very crafty too. She just finished a yo-yo quilt. I am hoping she will send me a picture of it so I can post it. It is beautiful.

I took a pillow class at Home Ec too. I made a pillow I am quite proud of. Why haven't I posted it yet? Well- it is going to be a gift for some lucky person!!!!


Kirsten W. said...

Happy Birthday Wendy's mom! We can't wait to see your quilt!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the birthday wish Kirsten. I do love my gifts Wendy made. I also received a great hand made necklace from Brian, Sonja, Mitchell and Elaina. It is silver with a bird stamped on it (looks engraved) with a single pearl. It is so unique!! Check out for her jewelry.

Sonja said...

I wish that I had the creativity and craftiness to make my own cool gifts, but I can online shop with the best of them... :)

Hope Jeremy is feeling better soon!

MamaMiller said...

So cute! Have a great school year Wendy. I bet you will be a great teacher up there :) OOps, never called you back about the art fest. in I.C. But I did think of you often this summer! Cheers ~