Monday, December 07, 2009

MA students present their theses

My MA students at UNI presented their theses on Tuesday in preparation to graduate in December.  They each presented their papers along with displaying art from their project or studies at UNI.  It was a fantastic exhibit filled with student work from my MA students' classrooms as well their own personal work too.  I am looking forward to attending my first commencement at UNI on the 19th. When I taught elementary school, I never really got to see the students all the way through so this is an exciting experience for me too.  I will also have seven undergraduate art ed majors that will be graduating this month.  I feel like I have finally gottten used to my new position! As this semester ends this week, I am sad because I think this was my best one so far but I am excited to start planning for my next one.

Happy End of the Semester to all you college students and professors out there!!!

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