Monday, July 12, 2010


The ladies of the Prison and Juvenile home all went camping this weekend!
(OK so it was really the ladies who volunteer together at the ICIW and IJH) 
We had a great time roasting weenies and making s'mores and telling really great stories!  Sadly, Rebecca is moving to NYC this August so we are losing one really great volunteer and friend!
Here is Rachel's new RV called the Odyssey that she just purchased this summer!  We made sure that we had a very exciting adventure in it to add to her RV log - starting at the Hy-Vee parking lot where we had some difficulty parking! 
It was an interesting evening due to the only camp sight available was on a slight incline.  We lost a few beverages and plates due to this slant.  But after getting a few drinks in us, Rebecca and I decided to hold a photo shoot in the RV to showcase some of the Odyssey's terrific features! Here a few to share with you! 
Another great adventure for these volunteers!!!

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