Sunday, July 25, 2010

Great places to see in Wisconsin!

We took some friends to House on the Rock and to Dr. Evermore's Art Park- featuring his famous "Foreverton" sculpture!  Here is a link to read more about Foreverton - it is a must see if you are in Wisconsin. The best part is that unlike the $25 it cost to go to The House on the Rock (with our coupons) Dr. Evermore's Art Park is free and right by the Dells if you are interested in a very different kind of fun.
First photo:  Forevertron,  Second photo:  Dr. Evermore  Third Photo: The birds of The Bird Band
(if you look at my photos from Baltimore in April, I saw one of the Doctor's sculptures at the American Visionary Museum.)
It was really great to meet him in June, we were sad to hear that when we came in July with Steph and Kyle that he was not doing well and was not present.

House on the Rock....
 Wisconsin is full of great art- from the Dickyville Grotto to these fine places I have mentioned.  Don't forget Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin (his school of architecture) is in Spring Green as well.  I wonder about the correlation between F. L.Wright, Alex Jordan ( House on the Rock) and Tom Every ( Dr. Evermore). That would make a very interesting dissertation!


Anonymous said...

Some of those pictures are a bit revealing. Children look at these. I think you should show some discretion!

Kelly Froh said...

Hello - I'm from Sheboygan, WI but have lived in Seattle since 1994. I've been to Dr. Evermor's crazy metal wonderland 2 times and I am going to make a zine (folded pamphlet) with an essay about the experience, photos I took, and linoleum block prints that I made, wondering if I can use the photo you took of him? It's a great photo. I don't intend to make any money off the zine, so I can't pay you, but I'd credit you as the photographer. Would this be ok with you? Please let me know. - Kelly Froh Thanks!!