Friday, May 06, 2011

My birthday!

What a great birthday!
We took Sidney to Panera for a bagel on Saturday before heading off to Waterloo's claim of having the "world's Largest Garage Sale."  We spent several hours and almost 20 bucks at it, returning home with great new treasures and cute clothes for Sid. 
We had our first babysitter on Saturday night so Jeremy and I could attend Roller Derby- Cedar Falls Vs. Cedar Rapids!  It was great fun, but Cedar Falls lost!  Since I was wearing my Cedar Rapids Roller Girls shirt, I admit I was not too disappointed! I had my first beer since August- it was great!!!
Four couples that attended Roller Derby with us came over afterward and we had cake and ice cream. Sarah had a birthday on the 4th of May so we got two cakes to celebrate! It was a great chance for everyone to meet Sidney (who cried almost the whole time we were gone!)
Sarah and Zak gave me this great birthday book!

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Kirsten W. said...

aw, glad you had a fun birthday! We left Kenley for the first time at about the same age and she cried the whole time, too. I actually left the Riverside Hall & Oates concert early. Lol. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!