Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Family Fish Fry

After a summer of fishing up at the lake, it was time for the annual fish fry in DeWitt.  Here the men are found in the garage as they ritually prepare for our fish dinner.  Meanwhile the grandkids run around and play in the yard, on bikes, shoot hoops, and thanks to Grandma, they even got to bust open a pumpkin pinata!
 Of course the black cats liked the pumpkin pinata!

 Grandma and I did some fun little photo shoots with Sid since he cannot run around with the big kids yet. He seemed very interested in the pumpkins but did not seem to enjoy the crunchy brown leaves nearly as much.
 We celebrated all the fall birthdays in the family- 6 birthdays!  Chad got his own cake since he reached the top of the hill and is now heading "over it."  40 is a big year!!!!

Sid seemed very intrigued by his cousin Elaina and her mesmerizing tricks!
 He made it until 8 o'clock then passed out on the way home! He didn't eat any fish but sure had a good time celebrating with the family. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for another great summer of fishing and a fun-filled fall!  We love you.


Anonymous said...

Love those pictures!! It was a great time.

Melanie Daryl said...

Mm-hm, indeed! Whenever there's a big fishing gathering, the best way to celebrate is to enjoy the spoils of war. It looks like a great time over there!