Monday, October 31, 2011

The Hal-"Loo"-ween Party

Jeremy titled all of our trophies Hal-"Loo"-ween since we live in the Loo (Waterloo) and everyone else we hang with live in Cedar Falls. (We like to live dangerously I guess) Jeremy went as Bob Barker and I was his favorite contestant on the Price is Right!!!

So the party was a great success- we played some fun games:
"Wrap it"-  everyone had to wrap their partner up as a mummy with toilet paper.... Jeremy and I did not win because I stopped to photograph the moment and we were super slow!

We played a game called "Suck it"- where you had to suck a gummy body part with a crazy straw and carry it to your partner- it got a little wild....

Last was "Stick it"- when we played pin the wart on Waterloo's favorite witch... Michelle Bachmann!!

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the party.....
Curt and Courtney

Pirate Sarah's passed-out parrot!

Bob interviewing the cutest crayon in town!!!!!!!!
Last a quick shot of the great trophies we made. We voted on them and I won the R.I.P. award!!!!
Happy Halloween from the Loo!

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