Saturday, May 10, 2008

Do you need a kitty?

We are now looking for homes for two of our kitties. Jeremy and I are keeping Mabel and Roosevelt. A friend of a friend is taking little Gizmo to Des Moines ( we think she will miss her partner Gadget) Any thoughts of taking Gadget as well, would be great. Kitttens go much better in pairs. They have someone to play with and are more likely to stay out of trouble- you know like with the drapes or the plants!!
Just a thought..... with that in mind, Darby the adorable and Gadget the great are in need homes!
Here are a few recent shots of them.
Darby the tiger striped kitten loves to run and jump on the other kittens. He is so energetic and so affectionate. Darby purrs so loud and wants to follow you everywhere. Now Gadget loves to wrestle and since he is the biggest of the kittens at 2 lbs. He often wins! He is mellow most of the time and will let you handle him all the time. He has extra soft fur and loves to sit on laps.

Gadget the Great
Gadget the snuggler
Gadget wrestling Gizmo his twin sister

Darby the Adorable
Darby the Daring
Darby needs a home...

If you are someone you know is interested, please post a comment. Thanks, Wendy and Jeremy


Darin said...

I can't get over how grown up they are! You and your husband have done a fantastic job. Cheers to you!!!!

I sure hope Gadget and Darby can go to a forever home together. I too am a fan of keeping little ones together as much as possible.

Again, cheers! And happy mother's day to someone who understands it maybe a little closer to her heart this year. :-)

kleinwort said...

Agreed, darin!

Wendy and Jeremy, thanks for sharing such a great mother's day post. The photos are priceless and (fingers crossed), can't help but attract good forever parents.

I so wish I could take them (feel the same way about the bebes on Laurie's site as you might imagine), but with 5 fuzzies of my own, I'm dangerously close to crazy cat lady status already... LOL!

Happy, Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

great pictures!! Gadget and Darby are so adorable. I will keep[trying to find a home for them.
Love Mom