Sunday, May 04, 2008

What's Up?

I have only been posting Kittens for the like the last month and a half, so what else is new here? I am sad to say that Chalk the Walk was this weekend in Mount Vernon, but I could not go because I was sick. I completely lost my voice- which you must know for me is HELL! Last week was so extremely busy for me that I feel the stress made me sick!
Jeremy and I decided last year we wanted to move out west BUT the Iowa flooding has left us with an unexpected mess in our basement that we can't seem to fix. So I have been looking for alternative things to do next year. I want to start my PHD at Iowa so I was looking for work I could do part time. I interviewed at University of Northern Iowa last Monday for an associate art education professor position for next year. ( I could drive an hour because all my classes would be on two days a week). I have not heard back so that may not be good! It was a very scary, new experience for me. I presented my research and teaching to over 45 people in the auditorium in the art building. It may have been more than I am ready for!

Wednesday was my birthday-Jeremy got me a new sewing machine- yeah!!!!! I took the day off and spent it with Jeremy and my dear friend Jason. We went out for Sushi, to the movies and then for a pedicure. It was a new experience for some!!!
This week does not look like it is going to slow down either! I hope my voice returns soon!

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AnnF said...

Good luck! I hope the position turns out for you!